Pinda thailam is a unique herbal ayurvedic oil particularly used for rheumatoid disorders associated with burning sensation and redness at the site of inflammation. It is most commonly used in pitha vitiated conditions like skin problems, foot blisters, gout, etc.
It is a combination of various herbs likes Manjishta and Sariba which is highly therapeutic as it contains pitha reducing herbs. It is Manjishta that imparts red colour to Pinda thailam and is having anti-rheumatic property. While Sariba is a body relaxant.
External application of Pinda thailam in the form of abyangam, pichu and local vasti helps in remarkable disorders associated with rheumatism as it enters the pores in the skin thereby softening the skin and lubricating the joints.

01. Madhuchishta- Honey bee wax
02. Manjishta- Rubia cordifolia
03. Sarjarasa- Resin of Vateria indica
04. Sariva- Hemidesmus indicus
05. Tailam- Sesamum oil
06. Water

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