Kottamchukkadi Kuzhambu

Kottamchukadi kuzhambu is an effective and valuable medicated oil used for the treatment of various arthritic ailments like pain, swelling, stiffness and limited mobility in the joints. External application of the oil in the form of abyangam, pichu, kadivasti etc yield significant results. Herbs like Vacha, Sunti, Viswa etc present in Kottamchukadi oil helps in alleviating pain and inflammation of all major and minor joints due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Kottam- Saussurea lappa
Chukku- Ginger- Zingiber officinalis
Vayambu- Acorus calamus
Shigru- Muringa oliefera
Lasuna- garlic- Alium sativum
Karotti- Capparis sepiaria
Devadruma- Cedrus deodara
Sidhartha- Mustard- Brassica juncea
Suvaha- Rasna- Pluchea lanceolatta
Tilathaila- oil of sesamum indicum
Dadhi- curd
Chincha rasa- tamarind juice

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